In this article, you will learn about the characteristics and personalities of 12 archetypes.

When you look at the title, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a more stylish word of zodiac signs or something like that.But I assure you archetypes are very far away from astrology – It’s science.

In astrology, your birth date defines your zodiac sign; but here, everything is different. Your everyday life, actions, thoughts, and decisions define your character type.

What are the archetypes?

Carl Jung, the psychologist from Switzerland, who was a student of Sigmund Freud, came up with the idea that there are 12 main types of humans that have their style, ego, and vision to the world.

The term archetype itself comes from the Greek word archétypon, that means “original pattern”. Every person owns 1-3 of those “patterns” that define their and personality, characteristics and way of living.

12 common archetypes are – Hero, Regular, Innocent, Creator, Ruler, Rebel, Explorer, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage.


hero 12 archetypes

Desire: Help others to make the world a better place
Pros: Honorable, stable, confident, self-reliant
Might be arrogant

Hero is the archetype that is looking for obstacles just to overcome them and achieve his/her goal. Heroes are often used in ancient myths, as their main objective was to do something great like save people from danger.

There is something unique about the hero archetype. We all have a bit of heroic personality, cause we are all on a journey throughout our lives that in many ways is similar to the adventure of the hero.

The main purpose of this archetype is to push themselves and others to their limits; to fight for their dreams; to have faith when trying to overcome obstacles that seem impossible to get through.

If there’s anything you truly desire complete, but you’re avoiding it because of fear or something else, then the courage of the Hero will stand by your side.



Desire: To be a regular guy and connect with other people
Down to earth, supportive, noble, connective
Might have a lack of distinctive identity

Regular, also known as Orphan, may not be as different and unique as other archetypes, but it has survived antiquity as one of the most common but abounding pathways of the adventure and light bridge between brightness and darkness.

It’s normal that major religions in the world have a regular man (orphan) as their main point of focus; although when it comes to the prophets it is Buddha who expresses its affliction in order to transform the lesson of brutal desertion, into the spiritual fulfillment.

The experience of Regular archetype might bring travel and adventure, hermit-like isolation that takes us closer to that sparkling quietness of the whole; to places, we have seen only in our dreams.


innocent 12 archeypes

Desire: To be comfortable
Tries to be good, is real, young, optimist, honest, reliable
Might be ignorant or boring

Innocent is a relentless optimist who always tries to find the good in people. Purity is in the center of his/her every step, and as a result, this archetype believes in reclamation and lacks cleverness. Free of corruption, they seek the promise of utopia.

Within pure actions of kindness or an optimistic smile, Innocents are compatible and prosaic. However, sometimes the glass is not always half-full, and they might need a reality-analysis to keep their business going.

This archetype is strongly linked to simple pleasures and friendliness. Considering our active lifestyles, humans are attracted to the focus on singleness. But Innocent’s moments in life can only be expressed with one word – perfect. Their culture helps them to find shelter, friendship, and comfort.



Desire: Create something with purpose and permanent usefulness
Inventive, original, creative, non-harmonious
Might be perfectionistic and/or impractical 

Creator is one of few archetypes that constantly use their creative mind to build tangible demonstrations of their work. They are very comfortable when they have the opportunity to create something with their own aesthetic ability.

Creator archetype is a visionary, non-harmonious and genuine. They have the desire to craft something meaningful and special. Also, Creators get intense pleasure from both the process and the result of imagining something that did not exist before.

While this archetype is mainly inspired by their main passion to create and create outstanding and permanent products and discoveries, they are most fearful of anything that’s considered as ordinary. In their minds, everything needs to be perfect. So this powerful appetite for perfection might point to their destruction.


ruler 12 archetypes

Desire: Control, build system from chaos
Manager, dependable, established
Might lack a common connection, or be too controlling

Ruler is the type that follows laws and acts “accurately” while expecting others to behave the same way. Examples of this archetype range from a protective mother raising her baby to a cruel dictator, hungry to take control over countries.

The Ruler archetype is controlled by the requirement of power. They always try to beat the top of the chain, and usually only responsible for the environment of the place in which they reside.

The Ruler has a very genuine concern about being defeated. This archetype is one of the most dangerous archetypes deal with. When they fall into the shadow, they do it with full control on their side and are very hard to overcome without substantial losses to the opposite side.



Desire: Break the laws and oppose authority
Defiant, radical, free
Might take it too far and be noticed in an unenthusiastic way

Rebel is only one among 12 archetypes that live for revolution. They are driven by a need to live in a better the world through moderately irregular means. They can also have a passion for revenge against offenses performed against them

Though Rebel can also be a powerful advocate for reform, the techniques they frequently employ to get the attention of their opposite side can be completely dangerous. They can also be positive about their own view, and reject those who do not fit their sense of “good,” therefore repeating the series of society they are trying to burst out of.

It is usual for them to turn to a crime that hurts innocent people, and in the process, dissipate their way, as well as their judgment of righteousness. Rebels regularly divide their friends or those who might otherwise support them.


explorer 12 archetypes

Desire: Feels satisfied when exploring new things
Wandering, courageous, determined, individualistic
Might not fit into the mainstream

Explorer archetype arises from a need to be individualistic and have determination or purpose. They strive to answer the queries “What am I here for? What is my purpose?” by observing and grasping from the atmosphere around it. Adventure is a means of understanding, and they are focused on self-innovation.

Explorers want to be free from restrictions. But instead of challenging another side, they simply go off in a different way, attempting a new route. Eventually, all it desires is the spontaneity and joy of exploration.

Explorers are usually challenging people with a social side. They consume a lot of time examining new ideas. Though they are quite mind-oriented characters, they also enjoy collaboration when the time is accurate. This archetype spends time building penetrations and new ways of expressing opinions and like to share their verdicts with others.



Desire: Make visions come true, build something unique
Imaginary, charismatic, visionary, refined
Might take risks that drive to negative results

Magician is linked to mystery and alteration. In the shadow, it can be used to mislead, confuse and manipulate by modifying understandings of presence. They also have a natural connection with energy and opportunity.

What makes Magician stand out from other archetypes is that they’re the creator of pure space, ideology, and instincts. They are powerful and influential archetype with lots of irregularities.

The outer look of Magician can be seen in the continuous learner, the energy to get information of the outside world and understand through books, mentors and other formal methods of learning. The inner look can be seen in the intuition. The Magician archetype learns from the inner sense of intuiting and then taking that personal data through action.


lover 12 archetypes

Desire: Create intimacy, stimulate love
Intense, emotional, romantic, warm
Might be too selfless

Lover is the first type of prime masculine. They are the archetype of young romanticism, enthusiasm and is normally the first archetype to occur in a person.

The Lover is the archetype of emotion, believing, and appetite. Being sensual means initiating and handling all of your senses in all areas of your life – touch, taste, smell, hear and see; In other words, feeling as many dimensions of life as possible, as often as achievable.

Thus, when a person taps into the Lover’s spirit, he/she feels fresh with power and energy and correlated to the world and around. A man connected with the Lover archetype feels genuine, whether those senses are of pleasure or hurt.



Desire: To take care of and guard others
Caring, protective, nourishing, fair
Might be taken advantage of

Caregiver is another one of the types of archetypes stated by Carl Jung in his hypothesis of the human personality. Similar to the Ruler, Caregiver’s main goal is to contribute structure to the world but within the assistance, not control.

The aim is to accommodate other people and approach of making stuff for them, not yourself. They are focused on giving people a priority and causing a variety in their days. Sometimes, all we want is genuine love. The Caregiver is originally known as mother, who will give their heart fully and freely and spread whatever energy they are able to help others succeed in their journey.

A Caregiver is quick to forgive and encourage, and she offers characters weary from a long period of pressure a welcome break, in the form of friendship, healthcare, or emotional support. It is often, the presence, or even the mind of this archetype, that holds those that might otherwise fall, from giving up.


jester 12 archetypes

Desire: To bring satisfaction to the world
Funny, light-hearted, spirited
Might be seen as foolish or discourteous

Jester is also recognized as the clown, actor, fool. They use a sense of humor to illustrate deception and also to level the active area between those of authority and those without.

An uncertain life is a Jester’s worst dream. Since joy and playfulness are necessities for their lifestyle, parts of time where humor might be improper make them annoying and maybe even inconsiderate.

The Jester generally does not try to solve the puzzle of the story. His/her central idea on the course is the course itself. Additionally, the consequence doesn’t usually matter, and in a few cases, they might even be a bit of a devil’s advocate in the case of making things up.

They do not plan anything for the future. In his darker form, the Jester might be inclined to perpetual inebriation or drug misuse. These clamps might also display themselves a pervert or any other negative manner determined by a shortage of impulse control.



Desire: To help the world obtain erudition and penetration
Expert, trusted, wise, deep, analytical
Might be overly attentive or over- stubborn 

Sage is the wisest and knowledgeable one among 12 archetypes. It portrays the natural and pure aspect of our characters. It might take the form of people, ideas, penetrations, or the education we give to others.

In books, the sage often takes the form of a teacher or a coach, performing a vital role in other people’s journey. Additionally, the sage archetype may be represented as a God or a Goddess, a shaman or medium, a scholar or an advisor.

The sage is usually described as a smart old man or an old witch with great vision, which offers systematic supervision in order to help others and at the same time granting them to choose their route towards destiny.

That’s all folks – 12 Jungian archetypes of people.

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