One of the most exciting topics to argue about is the idea that our reality – our universe the way it is and the way we experience it – might not be the only version of events out there. Does parallel universe exist? Let’s cover things up.

The short answer is yes, but scientists are not certain. There are many factors that approve that parallel universe exists, but all of them are theories, not facts; so this puts us into the vacuum of vague of whether the parallel universe exists or not.

Maybe there are other Universes, possibly even with different variants of ourselves, alternate stories and different or opposite outcomes, than our own.

When it comes to physics, this is one of the most exciting theories of all; but it’s far from a certainty. Here’s what the science actually says about whether this could be true or not.

Does parallel universe exist?

Story of the hypothesis

In 1954, Princeton University doctoral candidate whose name was Hugh Everett came up with a hypothesis that parallel universes do exist, which looks like a cloned version of our ­universe. Those universes are all connected to ours; Actually, they branch off from our universe, and this is branched off of others.

Within these parallel universes, historical wars might have had opposite outcomes compared to the ones we are familiar with.

Any living species that have been extinct in our universe may have been evolved and adapted in others. Who knows, it’s possible that in other universes, we – humans may have become extinct.

Around 14 billion years ago, everything we know of in the galaxy was an infinitesimal singularity. Later, according to the Big Bang theory, some undefined trigger caused it to expand and scatter in three-dimensional space.

As the energy of this expansion cooled, a light began to shine through. The small particles began to form into the larger pieces of matter we know today, such as galaxies and planets.

This latest study claims to rule out a last-ditch prosaic explanation: the cold spot is an optical illusion produced by a lack of intervening galaxies.

So does parallel universe really exist?

do parallel universes exist?
It’s not what it looks like

Here are 5 theories that may approve the existence of the parallel universe.

Theory #1: Blackhole may be the gateway to a parallel universe

The idea that black holes might be the gateway to a parallel universe has been very interesting and popular science fiction topic for a long time, but it is scientifically conceivable?

According to Stephen Hawking, destructive dark parts of our universe might answer one of the most interesting paradoxes of physics and generally science – the presence of parallel universes, or as the scientists call – multiverses.

Stephen Hawking has been a supporter of the parallel universe theory a very long time. It has previously been declared that anything that drops into a black hole would be completely destroyed or/and become lost; though Hawking has a different position

According to Hawking’s opinion, it is very likely that something may move through black holes, without being highly damaged and enter the parallel universe

Theory #2: False memories could be proof of the parallel universe

A controversial and intriguing theory suggests that our false memories might be one of the main proofs of parallel universes.

Scientists are generally divided into two parts when arguing about this topic; most of them think that false memories are a result of how we misremember things.

Yet, perhaps there is more to it than we are aware of. They think that people are moving between multiple universes and that’s the reason are able to remember very odd memories of something we have never seen or heard in this world.

Theory #3: Our dreams may be strongly connected to another world

In this world, there might be an exact copy of ourselves making different decisions and visiting places that somehow manifest themselves in our dreams.

For thousands of years, people have wondered about the meaning of their dreams. Why do some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams full of hidden meaning?

Can some of our dreams be flashes of events taking place in an alternate reality – the parallel Universe?

For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret: there may be mysterious secret universes that are beyond our human senses.

Followers of mystics have been claiming that there were such places for a long time. They were full of ghosts and spirits. The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such beliefs, but ever since the 1920-s scientists have been trying really hard to make sense of this unusual discovery.

When they tried to find the exact location of atomic particles, they found it was truly impossible. They found no single place and this is one of the reasons why scientists are becoming more and more interested in the possible existence of a parallel world.

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Theory #4: It explains how the universe begins and ends

I think there’s something unique about being human – it might be our brains’ tendency for pattern formation makes us want to know the start and finish of every story.

That includes the story of the universe itself; But if the Big Bang was the beginning of the universe according to scientists, then how was it executed, and what existed before that explosion? Will the universe end at some time? If yes, then what will happen after that? Our inquiring minds want to know.

Theory of parallel universe might provide a decent explanation for all of those questions. Some scientists came with an idea that the different parts of the multiverse are something called “braneworlds”. These exist in many different kinds of dimensions.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to detect them, because we can only perceive the three dimensions of space and additionally, our fourth dimension – time in our own braneworld.

Some physicists believe that these braneworlds are like a thick slice of bread, bunched together inside the bag. Mostly they stay separate and out of reach.

But sometimes, the braneworlds crash into each other. Hypothetically speaking, these collisions are actually able to cause repetitive Big Bangs – that enables the parallel universes to restart themselves, over and over again.

Theory #5: The Universe Is Too Big to eliminate theory that Parallel Realities Don’t Exist

We know that sounds like a convenient rhetorical trick, but think of it this way; People have discovered many things that we previously didn’t know existed, and we’ve had events occur – the 2008 global financial crisis is a good example – nobody thought it was possible.

There’s even a name for this: black swan events, that was named after the philosopher David Hume’s observation that people would assume all swans were white until they saw a black one

The universe’s scale is the factor that makes the possibility of a multiverse all the more believable. We know that the universe is really, really enormous, and possibly even infinite in size. That means we may not be able to detect everything that does exist in the universe.

Scientists have determined that the universe is approximately 14 billion years old. That means we can only detect light that’s been able to reach us in that time.

If a parallel universe simply was farther away than 14 billion light-years, there would be no way for us to know it was out there; even if it existed in dimensions that we were capable of perceiving.

That’s all, for now, folks; Maybe you’re very astonished after reading this article, or maybe your clone from another universe is NOT!

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