So you want to know what jobs will be gone or replaced by robots in the future, right? Will they take our jobs?

The short answer is that robots will probably take our jobs. But there are also some spheres where AI is not as needed as us – humans are.

When you are in the process of deciding which job is the best for you, I think you should keep in mind that one of your strongest competitors are AI machines.

Should we care about AI taking our jobs?

I think it’s natural to worry about your future job. We are living in the 21-st century – an era of the technological revolution, where using different kinds of technologies became essential in everyday use. It made our lives much easier than before, but as you might know, everything has its consequences.

Also, there are many jobs that already got replaced or automated by AI robots. Lector, copy boy, alarm boy, elevator operator, film projectionist, switchboard operator, etc. are ones that got buried by technological improvements.

But which jobs will surely be replaced by robots? Let’s find out.

Cargo, Taxi and Bus drivers

Probability of job being replaced by robotHigh

When the wheel was invented over 6 thousand years ago, Egyptians didn’t like it because they thought it would make people lazier and generally less productive.

In 1921 when automatic transmission for vehicles was invented, everybody was excited because they thought it would make people’s lives easier.

Nowadays there are more than 1,4 billion motor vehicles in the world. Most of them have an automatic transmission that lowers the involvement of human driving a car. Some of the newer vehicle models even have an autopilot that can decrease human participation in driving by 60%. But when Tesla entered the market, everything has changed.

Tesla is one of the first vehicle companies that created fully electric cars, but that’s not all; Their recent product named Tesla model x has the function that almost fully automates car driving. They are working really hard to create unique AI that drives by itself. And they are not far from achieving this.

This may be considered as progress in technology, but the side effect is that some jobs will disappear.

There will not be any human taxi drivers, because the whole system will be automated. Even bus drivers will have to look for another job because they are also not going to be needed anymore.

As of cargo drivers, the automation process has already begun and there are fewer and fewer humans that are involved in carrying loads.

So if you’re desire is to work as a driver, I think you might need to change plans because soon robot drivers will replace human ones.

Security guards

Probability of job being replaced by robotHigh

Robots are truly getting more and more jobs in many different industries. And a security guard job is no different.

Security robots do exist nowadays, but still, they are primitive. The debate topic within the security industry is how advanced will robot security guards become. While there are many people who believe Security AI robots will replace humans, there is also a case to be made whether it is possible or not.

There have certainly been great steps made in AI, though there’s still a lot of progress to be made. While AI computer can calculate various numbers as well as even better than us, it still doesn’t have the ability to adapt to new stimulation to the extent that regular security officers are able to do.

For example, unless the code and algorithms in the AI robot can handle all the variables that exist in a multi-person armed burglary attempt, it will not be able to do the job as good of a job as a security guard.

What I mean is robots can’t fully replace security guards, but they can take a major role in protecting a facility. For example, while today there are needed 3-4 guards to protect medium-sized buildings, involving AI robots can decrease guards count to 1 person that sits on his chair in the camera room and observes the perimeter while robots with cameras are patrolling.

Factory workers

Probability of job being replaced by robotVery high

As you might already know, automation has been responsible for improvements in manufacturing productivity for a long time.

Advanced AI robots accelerate this trend. Machines, after all, are able to perform huge amounts of manufacturing tasks more efficiently, effectively and consistently than us – humans; This leads to increased output, better quality and less waste of money. Also, machines don’t require health insurance, coffee breaks, maternity leave, sleep, etc.

The fact is, robots started to displace humans in our manufacturing plants many years ago. The earliest industrial robots hit automotive factories in the 1970s. They were very simple machines that were able to do single repetitive pick-and-place tasks, such as handling hot and heavy die-cast parts, for example. But now AI machines take major roles in creating products.

So probably factory worker AI robots will overtake human jobs in this sphere at least.

Sports referees

Probability of job being replaced by robotHigh

Artificial intelligence will probably replace referees in many sports like tennis, basketball, football, etc. Robots would be able to give an immediate signal that there was foul or ball out of play.

But in sports like these, it’s not easy to create AI that will always call correct fouls and indications. Also, sometimes the decision is depended on many factors such as characteristics of referee, scoreboard, time period of the game and many more.

The real challenge for scientists is to create AI that considers all those situations and then rationally makes decisions.

Even if they create “perfect” AI referee, that always makes correct decisions, there’s one downside that we have to keep in mind; One of the top reasons why sports events are actively discussed is unfairness in sports.

Millions of people gather in social media to discuss whether the particular moment was foul or not, or if the ball crossed the line or not. So all of these makes people argue with each other and generally become more socialized.

It’s up to humans to decide whether it’s a good idea to replace human referees with AI ones, but the fact is, it’ll happen really soon.

Store cashiers

Probability of job being replaced by robotVery high

Right now half of McDonald’s stores in the world have self-serving machines. The main reason is that they found people coming back more often after they buy products from those self-serving machines. There are also more top-level companies such as Wendy’s and KFC that are in the process of implementing self-serving machines.

Also, Amazon, very well known company, has launched a store called “Amazon Go“. What makes this very exciting is that it has no cashiers!

You can simply go into the store, grab whatever you want, put it in your bag and go home. No, it’s not a robbery. You just download their app, connect your credit card and whenever you pick a product; then the app will automatically cut the money from your balance. That’s all!

So we can clearly see that this human job – the cashier will definitely be replaced.


Probability of job being replaced by robotMedium/High

It might seem very frustrating, but even farmers may lose their job as AI robots tend to improve dramatically. In 2018, there has been a strong step forward towards automated milking systems, but I assure you that is just the beginning.

Now, there’s an AI machine that is able to pick apples, pull lettuces, water gardens and take care of the tasks that consume time.

Probably in the near future, there will be an AI machine whose job will be to handle different kinds of farming tasks which will leave you walking around your paddocks with almost no work to do.

Also, China started a new program with a mission to replace farmers with AI machines; This obviously puts millions of people at risk of losing jobs.

The six-year pilot, which is already running in Jiang Province, features automatic tractors, pesticide applicators, and rice trans-planters.

To sum up, farming is on the list of human jobs that are going to be replaced by robots.

Restaurant chefs

Probability of job being replaced by robotMedium/HIgh

In the future, robots will definitely be advanced enough and cheap enough to replace all human restaurant chefs. They will be able to do most of the basic cooking for humans.

So, fast food restaurants that heavily produce the same kind of food over and over will probably automated. McDonald’s already has some meat cooking robots that can make 400 burger portions of meat in 10 minutes!

Nowadays chef robots are mostly automated with of low wage workers with the role of pushing the buttons. But in the future, their work won’t be needed anymore.


Probability of job being replaced by robotVery high

This is the job where I am totally certain will be replaced by robots.

Approximately 10-15 years ago, telemarketing used to happen in call center full of telemarketers cold-calling a few hundred people every day. But maybe a few of them could be persuaded to buy the product they offered.

Today, the idea is mainly the same, but the methods are far more efficient.

More than half of today’s telemarketers are not human. In many cases, as you have probably experienced, there is nothing but recording on the other end of the line. It may tell you to “press ‘3’ for more information”; but nothing you say has any impact on the call, and usually, that’s clear to you.

In some cases, you might get a sales call and have no sense that you’re really speaking to a computerized system.

Everything that you say gets an appropriate “human-like” response, the voice may even laugh. But how is this even possible?

Well, in some cases, there may be a human sitting on the other side of the line, constantly pressing different buttons to prompt you through extremely interactive marketing pitch that was pre-recorded.

In overall, It’s clear that this human job will be totally replaced by machines.

That’s all folks – Human jobs that will probably be replaced by robots.

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