In this article, I will share with you the main reasons why you are not successful.

As we are all individuals, the definition of success is different for most of us.

For example, my explanation of success is when living so that I don’t even think about the money. But if you ask yourself “why am I not successful?” the answer might be very easy to guess.

Although everybody knows accomplishing success is not even close to the word “easy”

In short, there are too many reasons why you are not successful. Maybe it’s because you’re wasting your time, or you don’t have enough motivation to work hard and smart. I hate to say this but generally, the main problem is in yourself

Top 14 reasons why you are not successful

why am i not successful

Reason #1: You don’t have a positive mindset

Are you the type of person who doesn’t know they’re drowning in negativity?

Are you the person who won’t ask for career progressions because they believe that they don’t have the knowledge, experience, skills, or personality to properly do the job.

If that’s you, then it’s almost impossible for you to spot, let alone seize, the opportunities that are already coming your way. Instead, develop a positive mindset.

Reason #2: You waste your time instead of investing it

Generally, there are two types of people.

The first one is someone who sees time as a gift for consumption. They mostly waste their time-consuming movies, TV shows, social media, etc. Also, they spend their time on vacations and travel and adventures. Time is theirs to spend, and they’re always looking for new ways to waste it.

The second is someone who sees time as an investment. When invested correctly, can reap the rewards of compounding interest.

Successful people spend their time into actions that sustain the desired skill or teach them something new.

Most of them invest their time into useful projects, plans and generally actions that encourage growth in some part of their lives.

Closest synonym of time is an investment in life. You have more than 86 thousand seconds to invest in your life; And the more you invest it in your life and things that show compounding interest, more successful you’ll become in knowledge, understanding, and even money.

Reason #3: You are in bad place

You should move yourself to a position where you are stress-free, creative-minded and surround by positive people.

Remember, your environment is one of the most important things for success, it influences the way you think, feel and see things.

So always try to choose a place where you feel the most comfortable.

Reason #4: You easily get distracted

Do you sense that there just aren’t sufficient hours in the day? If yes, then the reason is that probably you’re not correctly controlling your time.

One of the cons of this is getting quickly distracted. This includes monitoring your smartphone every time you get a new notification, or blowing-off your evening duties to have dinner with a colleague.  Also, getting regularly distracted is sometimes you attacking yourself to prevent yourself from working on your preferences.

Reason #5: You didn’t set your reminders

Set goals, an inspirational wallpaper on your phone, revise a collection of top quotes and tell your partner or best friend about your dream; Try to implant new daily ritual to always remind yourself of what you are truly capable of doing and what are your working goals.

Every morning when you go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and say motivational phrases to yourself; believe me, that will make your day much more productive!

Reason #6: You do not work hard

Sometimes it seems that most prosperous people encounter success in one night.

But I can tell you that’s not true.

Successful people have worked their backsides off for many years and put in the difficult tasks to get wherever they’re at now.

While this may seem unrelenting, if you aren’t ready to put in that effort, then you don’t deserve to be as successful as they “look” to be.

Stop looking for alternatives and swift fixes. Preferably, roll up your sleeves (if you’re wearing long-sleeved t-shirt) and get to business.

Reason #7: You are not persistent enough

You hit a bump and you gave up. It’s just a barrier, so pull yourself up and TRY AGAIN!

Lots of studies show that the most successful people in life are passionate and overly determined in reaching their objectives and desires.

Never Give Up

Reason #8: Your expectations are beating you

Just drop the needless expectations, appreciate what is. It doesn’t matter if your glass looks half empty or half full.  Just be thankful that you have a glass and that there’s something in it.

If you choose to be positive and have an appreciative attitude, it will influence everything you do in your life as well as the magnitude of your happiness. Also, success will be directly proportional to the magnitude of your thoughts and how you choose to think about things.

It’s time for a little break to rest your eyes.

why am i not successful

Okay, let’s continue

Reason #9: You let others influence you too easily

While it’s great to get feedback from people, you won’t achieve success if you can’t think for yourself.

Listen to others and absorb whatever is important and is gonna help you get better. So, if you’re in a situation where people keep giving you views that blend and pull you in various ways, remember that you know yourself greater than anyone else.

In fact, you need to have a vision of where you want to go and attach to it. Don’t let anyone else’s judgments occupy your way.

Reason #10: You believe you can do it all by yourself

While it’s likely for only one person to construct a house, it will take much longer and you’ll need to expand your locus into many fields to create something of excellence.

Everyone should understand the truth that you are only a human and you have limits. Yes, the phrase human has no limits looks motivating, but actually, it’s not true. You should always analyze what you are capable of doing. With that being stated, always try and form a distinguished team to delegate work when feasible.

Reason #11: You are too focused on making money

If you start a business with a single mindset to just get money, you might have a hard time lasting in the long run.

The growing businesspeople of today are focused genuinely on developing an inclusive product before the money. If Mark Zuckerberg centered too much on monetizing Facebook in the beginning, possibilities are he wouldn’t have been able to build it to what it is now.

The bottom line is – you can’t sell a shitty product, so you must first make building the product your number one priority.

Reason #12: you have self-imposed limitations

Unsuccessful people often say things like “I’m just not immeasurable with figures”, “I just really don’t like studying”, “I don’t think I am able to run a successful business” etc.

You put limits on yourself and excuse the behavior but it’s really just a way of intending low enough to not blow. Just don’t think about the case that you only have a particular type of skills and talents for custom tasks, stop thinking that you’re not as smart as the other person.

What life expects of you is to earn the most of yourself, for yourself, and for others as well.

Reason #13: you are apathetic

Yes, there are natural fence-sitters.

You never have an impression about anything, you can’t make choices and are past the edge ignorant; Can’t handle intelligent discussions and are not open-minded if it isn’t straight in connection to what they know; you think everyone should observe life the way they observe it.

Even if you never achieve your tremendous goals this is okay with you, because in a world so full of surprise and curiosity you have to be conducted to find a way to be bored. Dullness is a silent assassin. Try to find something that you feel passionate about, even if you don’t get a salary for it. Put your gift to use.

Reason #14: You have a lack of discipline

Anyone who has achieved anything has never done it without discipline. It takes self-control, tribute and bypassing distractions. This also means staying focused.

Don’t be a perfectionist. You might have an idealized vision of what success will look and feel like, while that can be motivational, it might not be realistic. Remember, Succeeding at one particular goal won’t eliminate all your problems. Be clear on what makes your objective satisfied and don’t obsess about superficial details.

All right, I hope next time you ask yourself “why am I not successful?” Your ego will answer you from inside.

I hope you enjoyed the article, please let me know in the comments what you think about this topic.


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