As you know every zodiac signs have unique characteristics that are revealed in different situations. In this article, I am gonna talk about the actions that different zodiac signs make while the ship is sinking.

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All right, let’s start.


Doesn’t wait for the ship to sink and jumps directly into the water.


Quickly writes a will on the paper that says to put his/her whole property and money with him/her in the coffin.


Secretly builds a raft.


Writes his/her last letter to mom while crying: “I thought I could see you again, I thought many times about this day”.


Tries to make the situation calm while shouting not to be afraid because he/she is with them.


Thinking: “This is not the right time to die! I wish I had already cleaned the house…”.


Shouting: “Don’t worry people, we are not gonna die; but if I die, I’m gonna be mad”.


Shouting: “Why are you running? you’ll all gonna die anyway, don’t be afraid of death!


Thinking: “If underwater world really exists, I’m gonna be really exited!


Locks Gemini in the warehouse steals the raft and sells the raft tickets for high prices.


Sadly watches the sky and can’t believe whatever is happening around him/her.


Calmly sitting and thinking: “Fu*k my life!”.

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